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Frank Lee Sprague Blog
Wednesday, 7 December 2005
Cavern Press Release
Mood:  lyrical
Topic: New CD!!!
Press Release
Wichita Falls Records Announces new release by Frank Lee Sprague
Enter the CAVERN
Hollywood, December 7th 2005

“Authentic!” “Masterful!” “A celebration!”
Critics and fans raved over Frank Lee Sprague’s 2004 album, Merseybeat. Now, his highly anticipated sequel, Cavern, is available from Wichita Falls Records.
While Merseybeat often channeled the sunnier side of the mid-sixties British Invasion, Cavern pulls us into the tense, sweaty atmosphere of Liverpool’s famous beat club where a four- piece band captivates the audience with their electrifying brand of rock ‘n’ roll.
Cavern features thirteen all-new original Merseybeat songs, skillfully sung, played, arranged and produced by Frank Lee Sprague. The album leads off with an impressive 1-2-3 punch – the irresistibly catchy “You’ll Be Mine,” the soaring, harmony-filled, “She’s a Bad Memory,” and the classic, all-out ferocious rocker, “Give it All You Can,” a song and performance that would have made John Lennon proud. Other highlights abound. “She Lied” is the perfect single, combining an intense, passionate vocal with an absolutely mesmerizing arrangement and production.
The follow-up single might be “You Missed Out on Me,” a song that will surely propel the cellar dwellers to the dance floor. “I Believe” is a winsome, melodic ballad in the Paul McCartney mold, while “I Don’t Love Her Anymore” has the feel of John Lennon’s best work on Meet the Beatles. If Peter and Gordon had sat in with Buddy Holly, they might have come up with “Cavern,” the jaunty and delightful album closer. But the show isn’t over yet.
The band roars back with an encore, a crazed, rocked up version of Cleveland Crochet’s, “Sugar Bee.”
Known for his remarkable ability to synthesize authentic rock ‘n’ roll styles into his own West Texas imprint, Frank Lee Sprague’s work has wowed reviewers in Rolling Stone, Playboy, The Washington Post, The New Yorker, and many other magazines and newspapers. He has appeared on CBS nationwide television and National Public Radio, and has performed live around the world, including several successful tours of Japan. With two Merseybeat-style albums under his belt, he will perform live at the Cavern Club in Liverpool in spring 2006.
Cavern is yet another jewel in this outstanding musician’s career.
As Cavern Club host Bob Wooler would say,
“Remember all you cave dwellers, the Cavern is the best of cellars. We’ve got the hi-fi high and the lights down low, so here we go with the Frank Sprague show!”

Posted by duckking1 at 12:01 AM PST
Tuesday, 26 October 2004
New Lp available on amazon.com!
Mood:  sharp
Topic: New CD!!!
The new LP "MERSEYBEAT" is now available at amazon.com! Here's a review that a fan in Rockford Illinois posted:

MERSEYBEAT HEAVEN, October 19, 2004

Reviewer: Scott S. Springer -

"Well, here it is. Simply the best album by a contemporary artist in rock & roll for at least the past 20 years. Upon first listening to this album I thought that I had died and gone to Merseybeat heaven--and yes, it's that good. Get ready, because you will be humming these melodies for weeks on end. Frank Lee Sprague has achieved something which very few have attained. He has created music that transends the musical boundaries of the 60's Merseybeat sound. If this album had been released in 1964 or 1965, it would have been hailed as America's answer to The Beatles even though we don't have a river called The Mersey. The amazing trait that stands out is all of the songs encompass the Merseybeat vein but are to their own selves starkly unique which is a godsend to those who love The Beatles, The Searchers, The Swinging Blue Jeans, The Dave Clark Five, Peter & Gordon, well, need I go on. One can instantly tell that these songs have been created with great care. Frank has certainly called on his talent for what "feels" right in relation to each performance. From the opening song of "You're Different" and it's repeated guitar line that sucks you in leading to the guitar solo that blends perfectly within the mold of the tune, you know that you're experiencing something really special. Right after, "My Luck Is Bound To Change" starts in with a melody to kill for and reveals just what a dynamic songwriter Frank really is. By now you are smiling and the realization sets in that there are still 13 songs to go. Believe me, you will be smiling until the last song fades. And then, you will play it again and again and again and again and........well, you get the picture."

Posted by duckking1 at 9:16 AM PDT
Tuesday, 12 October 2004
Mood:  celebratory
Topic: New CD!!!
The new Merseybeat CD is now shipping! Rock on.

Posted by duckking1 at 6:03 PM PDT
Friday, 10 September 2004
Mood:  party time!
Now Playing: rock'n'roll
Topic: New CD!!!
New CD from Frank Lee Sprague "Merseybeat"! All new/original songs from the West Texas rock'n'roll innovator! Check out free downloads at amazon.com for a sample.

Posted by duckking1 at 8:03 AM PDT

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